Bridging The Digital Divide on Brandon Estate

“…Although Government and other organisations are prioritising digital inclusion, we know more can be done, and more quickly, with greater commitment and by working in partnership across sectors…”

— Good Things Foundation

Bridging The Digital Divide calls on Government and other organisations to commit to helping us get everyone in the UK online by 2028. Bridging The Digital Divide is championed by Good Things Foundation through Online Centres Network.

If you are new to Online Centres Network you can learn about the social movement here. If you are new to Good Things Foundation, formerly Tinder Foundation, learn more about the organisation here.

In 2018, I joined organisations such as Google, Barclays, Leeds City Council to pledge to bridge England’s digital divide by 2028. In the article, I reflect on the pledge, the milestones and the next steps. That is: (1) What we’ve done; (2) Why we did it; (3) How we did it; (4) And the result/s.

My Pledge

1. Social media support for #BridgingTheDigitalDivide

You can join the movement too with these three simple steps below:

1. Join Online Centres Network;

2. Register your organization at Find My Charity to highlight your organization on the radar (London-based charities and organizations only);

3. Request to join the campaign with this link.

2. Support with External Communication

  1. VoiceBox Cafes: Giving Women a voice in public life and politics;
  2. Get Online Week 2018 at Brandon Estate;
  3. Why SiLL/CiL may be a game changer for London libraries.

4. Project Digital Brandon – “A Brandon where everyone benefits from digital”

Where are we?

My first official act as member of the UK’s flagship Online is Get Online Week at Brandon Library on Brandon Estate Please read the open report here.

There have been no reported teen-knife incidents on the estate this year. Though, there was a stabbing involving adults on the first day of the year. Still, an excellent collective achievement by local organizations, local people, and our honourable emergency and social services.

As it currently stands, all the idle facilities at Brandon Estate have been occupied, there are now three main learning centres at Brandon Estate: (1) Brandon Library (2) Latin American disabled people’s project Jack Hobbs Club (South American and Spanish speaking locals); (3) Rachel Leigh.

Final Word

There’s £21.9 billion economic benefit from providing everyone in the UK with the essential digital skills they need by 2028. A value of £15 for every £1 invested, and a Net Present Value NPV of £21.9 billion.

We can only realise the benefits by working together. 

Thank you for taking the time to read!

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